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Tracy, Tooth Fairy Dept. (known simply as 'Tracy') was budded approximately 300 years ago and has lived on-and-off the Hive, working on both the human plane and within the Hive for extended periods of time.

As a young fae he was often called upon to be a reliable and knowledgeable Hurley referee; noted by his peers as being fair, but inflexible with the rules.

As a young fae he was also given monitorial duties along with another fae (see: Pearl the Permit Fairy ) in his tiend (age group/class) due to his reliability and effectiveness in enforcing the rules.

Throughout his life, Tracy has filled a number of positions in the Hive. The main positions are as follows:

- Supplies

- Department of Occult Annoyances (DOA)

- Caseworker Fairy

- Tooth Fairy

Currently, Tracy works as a Tooth Fairy, but reports of his success are dubious and the permanence of this position is still in question. He has also taken on the responsibility of training an apprentice (see: Fern ), much to the delight of his superiors.

This Tracy's blog can be found here .