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Tib Dunncan
Literally the only picture of me on my computer.
Literally the only picture of me on my computer.
User Handle firefly-and-fae
Mun Tabitha (Tib)
Status Active

Tib is a self-insert RP-er. Human and a friend of Rae's , she interacts with a majority of the characters on a semi-regular basis. The other half of the Traecy players, she often cries at night wondering what happened to her life and where she went wrong. 

  • She played an important role in persuading Purge's-Lore Tracy to leave the Darklands.
  • Due to that, people have started donning the shipping goggles and making Trib a thing. Tib remains dumbfounded to this day.

She's a butt.[]

That's it, that's all you need to know. 


Can you handle the tooth[]

Tib has seriously the most developed world I have ever seen and gosh it simply fascinates me that she can think all of this out and, not only that, make it SO BELIEVABLE! I first recall reading her fanfic series "Disbelieve" and falling so in love with the universe that someday, I swear to you, I am going to do a cosplay shoot. It is incredible! She has such a handle for worlds, such a way of making it feel impossibly real! The stuff she puts her character through-- it's all so human! He has friendships, he has hardships, he has a job, he does his work, and it's not written on paper, it's fleshed out and it rings so true you have a hard time believing it's all fantasy!! She really gets into his thoughts and can call upon his memories and desires and fears at whim, it is astounding, and I am super jealous of this incredible ability!

YOU get a Tracy, and YOU get a Tracy, and EVERYONE GETS A TRACY!