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The Tooth Fairy fandom is a small group of dedicated and talented roleplayers, fanfic writers and artists who manage to bring to life the children's film known as The Tooth Fairy. Released in 2010, the movie follows lead character Derek Thompson, (Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson), a hockey player who must serve time as a Tooth Fairy after he discourages a child from his dreams. Despite the movie not being a smash hit, the Smerch Fandom of tumblr clung to it after its release. Stephen Merchant plays the character Tracy, who is Derek's caseworker in the film.

Late 2010 - Early 2011, a trend began on tumblr where Tracy roleplay blogs (mostly Purge's Law) would spring from nowhere to follow unsuspecting Smerch fans. The fad soon died down and many of these blogs were left to collect dust. Some fans were left behind in the shift, creating the basis for the small group that make up the Tooth Fairy fandom today.

Latest activity

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