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Samantha "Sam" Merritorious
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Samantha "Sam" Merritorious is one of a handful of summons writers in the Human-Fairy relations department of Fairyland. She is a Faeid and due to this she has smaller than normal wings.

She is married to Tracy Evans. 


Sam is a hardworking fae who is known to be very stubborn on occasion. Overall she can be a very kind and sweet person who often shows deep concern for those she cares about. Sam is very strong minded and very determined, often getting her into spots of trouble that may or may not be easily manuevered. She is very loyal to her friends and loved ones, and is known to 'stick her neck out' so to say to protect them, sometimes putting herself in the line of fire as well. Her heritage is sometimes considered a disability in comparison to other full-fledged Fae, and Sam has, on multiple occassions, displayed a wish to keep her Faeid status from her co-workers. Despite this, she is incredibly able-bodied and even more-so talented in her field. 

Detailed Character History[]

Sam-The-Fairy’s blog was registered on tumblr on February 22nd, 2012 and started to post immediately

When Sam came to tumblr she only had eyes for one thing; stopping the then-corrupt winglessfreak from hurting or anyone else.  Stubborn, focused and intense, she had a bad habit of letting her mouth run.

On a thread starting the day the blog was founded she confronted winglessfreak about his wing ripping. He turned on her and threatened to take her own wings. Understandably terrified Sam struck him a bargain. She would keep quiet about his hobby and in exchange, she would let him snip her wings on a later date.

After Stephs wings were torn, Sam visited her in the ward, protesting vehemently when Steph said she liked Tracy. She insisted that he was a murderer and despite her agreement to their bargain she revealed that she still had every intention to expose Tracy for his crimes.

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