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Please Note: Original Characters that are Self-Inserts only go in the Original Character section if said character is "canonly" a part of the Tooth Fairy universe. Characters based off a person's real life and looks are placed in the Self-Insert category.

Canon-Based Characters[]

(Note: Characters currently sorted in alphabetical order, at least in this section.)

  • Jerry
    • Jerry The Bibe Butterfly Is a background large speaking part in the original film. He is in charge of some sort of storage facility in Butterfly, an immense, labyrinthine place full of interesting items and accidents waiting to happen. He appears to use speech patterns and idioms similar to a stereotypical view of the New York Jewish community, perhaps bringing Butterfly theology into question. Jerry does not seem to have a blog, although he does appear in multiple fan works, mostly as plot device.
  • Kevin
    • Kevin the Ruckus Butterfly is a background character during the fight scene. Excessively detailed observations, in true fandom style, can be found here. Kevin does not currently have any roleplay blogs.
  • Lily
    • Lily, the present-day queen of all of Fairy, is a canon character with a considerable speaking part in the movie. As the ruler of the realm- possibly cross-multiversally- she holds considerable importance in political workings.
    • A roleplay blog for Lily, although not the most active of blogs, can be found here.
  • Nyx
    • Nyxaviera Wiz is a character of the second (godawful) Tooth Fairy movie. According to canon dialogue she was a tooth fairy who was then promoted (though some would say demoted) to the position of caseworker. Very little is canonically known about her, although by her own account she was Tooth Fairy of the Year for 113 years running, and used to be on the Tooth Fairy All Star Team.
    • There is one blog dedicated to roleplaying as Nyx here
  • Pearl
    • Pearl the Permit Fairy is a character in the first Tooth Fairy film with a minor speaking part. From what little we have seen of her in the movie, fandom has concluded her to be irreparably grumpy, rather logical and definitely rocking the unusual hairstyle she has going on. Pearl does not currently have any roleplay blogs.
  • Primrose
    • Primrose the Excercise Fairy is based off of a DVD extra of the original Tooth Fairy film. Fandom characterizes her as egocentric, selfish, insensitive, prejudiced and sickeningly faux-saccharine. Her occupation seems to be training potential Tooth Fairies, organising Fairy's athletic events and being a massive pain to all around her.
    • The blog for Primrose can be found here.
  • Original Characters
  • drunkonewingedfairyontheloose
  • zimiethefairy
  • Fern

Self-Insert Roleplayers/Muns[]