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User Handle wellchocolatefrogsyall
Mun n/a
Status Active

 Blair is arguably the youngest mun in the Tooth Fairy RP group, but don't let her innocent looks fool you. An RP extrodinaire, Blair also has character blogs in the Lorax, ROTG and Portal fandoms. She is a known cutie patootie

She is the only person Tracy-Anon will talk to without prompt.  

She is the mun for winglessfreak

Some things![]

A cutie patootie extrodinaire as well, Blair is a really really sweet person and super cool. Her writing style is amazing and she is ridiculously brave for taking on so many rp blogs - but that just shows her level of aptitude in writing! Her characters are well rounded and their interactions can bend without making them seem out of character. She's an absolute pleasure to talk to, although she's an enabler, most noticeably by that fact that everyone she talks to now huffs in their speech inexplicably. Blair is super pretty and is so incredibly loveable. She's really mature for her age (although the overall maturity level of the fandom brings into question the relative bias of this observation) and woah nelly does she have tons of great things ahead of her!