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User Handle Andersam5
Mun N/A
Status usually not sleeping when she should be sleeping

 IDK some REALLY GREAT rper or whatever getting up in everyones buisness 

Significant Traits[]

  • A Huge Sweetheart who knows how to cheer people up from across the country (and sometimes the globe!)
  • A super cute voice gosh going to her streams is the funnest thing because I might get to hear her laugh! 
  • A total cutie pie all around wowee
  • Super talented in the arts - like golly have you seen her stuff? 
  • Does really cool animation and splices some sick videos.
  • Ridiculously creative and able to come up with not only kick-ass RPs on the spur of the moment, but also some really kick ass Original work!
  • Really funny you can't be around her without smiling it's been scientifically proven even through the internet it's a thing
  • Does it ever occur to you that there are people lucky enough to see this magnificent lady every day?
  • Loves Disney, and Epcot's "Illuminations" Display was a big influence for her, which is a really neat thing to know about someone!  
  • Sometimes she pretends to be Australian and when she does some glorious shit goes down. 
  • I want to hug her a lot

Has terrible self esteem even though she's really great []

thats it 

Oh and she might be Sam-the-fairy 's mun or something